10 Best kids luggage – Top rated luggage sets for kids 2019

10 Best kids luggage – Top rated luggage sets for kids 2019

In this article, we are not trying to review only the best kids luggage you can find on the market, but the best value price bags for any age.

We spent hours of research and we think it is important more than anything else that your kid is happy with his or her luggage. It doesn’t really matter quality as long as you have a decent warranty when buying the suitcase and you’ll see that all the bags that we review in this article are covered by at least a 2-year full warranty.

Luggage See On Amazon
1. Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set Check Price
2. Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage Check Price
3. American Tourister Kids’ Softside 18″ Upright, Disney Mickey Mouse Check Price
4. Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage Check Price
5. Aerolite MiniMAX Childrens/Kids Trolley Luggage cabin Suitcase/Backpack Check Price
6. American Tourister Disney 18-Inch Upright Check Price
7. Trunki Ride-on Kids Suitcase Check Price
8. Paddington Bear Children’s Luggage Check Price
9. Goplus 2Pc 12″ 16″ Kids Carry On Luggage Set Check Price
10. Marvel Avengers Light Up Luggage Check Price

1. Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set – best overall

1. Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set reviewWe chose the Rockland Luggage two-piece set as the first one in our list because we think this is the best choice for families that travel frequently.

The Rockland Luggage two-piece set is a great choice for you as a parent and of course for your kids. Is made of heavy-duty 600 denier fabric, and has an ergonomic design and includes an upright and a flight tote bag with locks and keys. This one is very easy to navigate due to the telescopic handle and also has a side grip and padded top handle which makes it very easy to carry around.

If we are talking about the storage, the Rockland Luggage two-piece set has decent dimensions:

  • the trolley: 9″ H x 13″ W x 8″ D
  • carry on tote bag: 12″ W x 11″ H x 5.5″ D

Other features worth talking about are the three internal pockets also great for storage and organization needs and the two front full-size zipper-secured pockets.

The tote bag comes with an adjustable non-slip shoulder strap which can be detachable, and of course, let’s not forget about the in-line skate wheels which make this bag lightweight and easy to carry around the airport.

I think this is a great bag especially for families that travel multiple times a year and if we take a look at its warranty we can rest assured this bag will last no matter the conditions.


  • Five-year full warranty
  • In-line skate wheels
  • Various scholars and designs
  • Telescopic handle
  • Padded top and side grip handles
  • Detachable and adjustable non-slip shoulder strap


  • Be careful with the zipper, you might have some issues
  • It is not very stable on its own and may fall especially when is full

2. Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage – best value price

2. Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid LuggageIf you want to buy the perfect kids suitcase then you can’t miss with the Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage. This might be the best luggage for kids available on the market today not only for its cute design but also for its features.

If there is one thing we should talk about first, it is its durability. This one is made to last and is made from poly-canvas fabric which is a long-lasting material. The Skip Hop Zoo Little Kids Luggage also features a friendly face as design and side pocket where your kid can store the water bottle that can be reached with ease.

Besides the side mesh pocket, the front pocket is also very easy to access which is great for the kids preferred toys or snacks. Another cool feature is the write-on name tag which can be easily personalized and be sure your kids will love it.

The Skip Hop Zoo it is also perfect for you as a parent having a removable shoulder strap so you can carry the luggage set hands-free.


  • A cool design which makes it very appealing to kids
  • Removable parent strap
  • Very durable
  • Accessible front and side pockets


  • We couldn’t really find any

3. American Tourister Kids’ Softside 18″ Upright, Disney Mickey Mouse – Cool sleek design

American Tourister Kids’ Softside reviewAnother great suitcase for your kids is The American Tourister Kids Softside Upright Disney Mickey Mouse bag. This is one of the best luggage available on the market, perfect for storing all of your kid’s essentials either for international holidays, sleepovers or weekend getaways.

The American Tourister Kids has been made with quality in mind, printed with polyester and a vinyl front ready for any weather conditions you may encounter, and of course with a cool sleek design that your kid will love.

Its interior feature criss-cross tie-down straps great for clothes or anything essential for your trip. The bag has in-line skate wheels, a grab handle, and a pull handle. As for its durability, those from American Tourister kids made no compromise and they offer a 10-year warranty on the luggage.

We couldn’t ask more from this beautifully designed bag and we think it is a perfect choice and one of the best bags you can buy for your kids.


  • Crisscross tiedown in interior
  • A great color combination and a kids favorites Mickey Mouse design
  • Easy pull handle
  • In-line mounted skate wheels.
  • Grab handle


  • Some issues with the zipper
  • It may fall aside if you let it stand on its own

4. Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage – best quality

Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage reviewIf you want more space for your kids and you don’t want to make any compromise regarding the design, we recommend Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage.

This one is made from high-quality materials and has a lot of pockets that your kids will enjoy. They are easy to access on either side of the bag and they have a lot of space to be used for toys or snacks.

Besides the space that it offers the Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage also features a grab handle and a durable expandable handle, perfect for little hands. The bag is also made with parents in mind so they can easily carry the kid’s suitcase around.


  • High-quality materials
  • Big space for storage
  • Great for long trips
  • Expandable handle
  • Grab handle
  • Parent-friendly


  • Although is very spacious don’t fill it over recommended capacity

5. Aerolite MiniMAX Childrens/Kids Trolley Luggage cabin Suitcase/Backpack

Aerolite MiniMAX Childrens/Kids Trolley LuggageIn this review, we will talk about the best luggage for a little older kids. This might not be your first choice if you are looking for a more kids friendly design or a warranty over five years.

Nevertheless, Aerolite MiniMAX Kids Trolley Luggage promises a lot of space for storage, durable materials and we think this is great for short vacations, picnics or why not sleepovers. Your kids’ clothes will fit perfectly in this bag and he or she will enjoy its ergonomic pull handle and of course, you as a parent will enjoy the grab handle when your kid gets tired.

The bag has a capacity of 30 liters and has the following dimensions: 17.72 x 17.78 x 7.87 Inches. It may not have as many compartments as previous bags but rest assured there is enough space for your kids’ favorite toys that can also be stored in the front pouch for easy access.


  • Durable materials
  • Two-year warranty
  • 30 L capacity
  • Compartments for easy access


  • Make sure you don’t fill the bag to its capacity or you may encounter some problems with the zipper
  • You may have some troubles with the wheels in time

6. American Tourister Disney 18-Inch Upright  – best construction

American Tourister Disney bagThe American Tourister Disney is one of the kids favorite mainly because of its design. Featuring different cool Disney characters which along with its sleek design make a very good impression.

It is not too big and not too small, it has 18 inches in height making it perfect for your kid. Also, you as a parent will enjoy its construction, made of 100% ABS plastic which gives the luggage set little weight and greater durability.

Your kid will enjoy its side-mountain skate wheels especially when you are in a crowded place like an airport or when the kid has to carry the luggage for a long time around.

As a first look at this kids luggage, it seems pretty compact and stable and you don’t have to worry about the security of your kid’s essentials. The American Tourister Disney comes with dual cross straps in the main mesh pocket for greater stability.


  • Very durable and compact
  • 100% ABS plastic hardshell case
  • Lightweight luggage
  • Side-mountain skate wheels
  • Expandable and grab handle


  • No side mesh pouch
  • It may hurt a little when your kid accidentally hits the bag

7. Trunki Ride-on Kids Suitcase  – best for little kids

Trunki Ride-on Kids SuitcaseOh! What do we have here?

The best suitcase for your little kids we found on the market is the Trunki Ride-on Kids Suitcase. It is just perfect for your bored toddlers especially in the airport when you’re queuing at the boarding gate.

The fun part about this one is that your kids can actually sit and ride on it. The Trunki Ride-on Kids Suitcase comes in different colors and has really cute wheels which will make the difference among other toddler’s suitcases out there.

Although this bag is perfect for travels, short breaks or sleepovers your kid can actually play with it at home.

As a parent, the days when you had to carry your child in one hand and the luggage in the other are over. With this cute bag, you have the option to tow tired children on their luggage making it the perfect ride for both of you.


  • Sit-on, ride-on, carry-on
  • Very durable
  • Award-winning design
  • Hard plastic shell
  • 18-liter storage capacity
  • 5-year guarantee


  • Not recommended for older kids

8. Paddington Bear Children’s Luggage – trendy bag

Paddington Bear Children’s LuggageWho doesn’t love Paddington? I can tell for myself, I love Paddington and I would buy this luggage for me although I’m 28 years old. One thing is clear! Your kids will fall in love with this suitcase no matter the age.

Paddington Bear Children’s bag is one of the best out there if we think about its durability and compact design. Although it doesn’t have any individual pockets inside this is a great bag to travel with. It has enough space, 18 L capacity and a hard shell that can keep safe your children toys or clothes.

It will be a pleasure for your kid to carry this luggage with its fully retractable handle and very stable base wheels. This can also make an excellent present for your children or grandson so why not give it a try.

The only issues you may have would be with the zippers and the handle, but that’s a common problem among kids bags and not a very big one. Most of the cases you won’t find a cute luggage like this for the price, so overall we think this is a great choice.


  • Awesome design
  • Durable construction
  • Lots of space inside
  • Lovely sleepover or holiday bag
  • Lightweight and simple


  • No inside pockets
  • Suitable for ages 3+

9. Goplus 2 Piece Kids Luggage Set – best for space

Goplus 2 Piece Kids Luggage SetIf you need more space for your kid’s clothes or toys we think this is the best luggage set for you. The Goplus 2 Piece Kids Luggage Set has two cases. A 12-inch travel backpack and a bigger one 16-inch rolling suitcase.

If we take a look at its design we think this is perfect for younger girls, featuring bright colors, cartoon animals and dolls. Although the smaller backpack is made from nylon is still very strong to be packed to its full capacity but the biggest win when buying this one is the lightweight design.

The larger suitcase is made from polycarbonate and ABS plastic making it very durable. Another great feature of The Goplus 2 Piece Kids Luggage Set is given by the wheels. They allow for smooth mobility and 360° rotation. It also has an ergonomically designed handle perfect for small hands that can be pulled easily through the airport by your little girl.


  • Premium materials
  • Lightweight design
  • Four multidirectional wheels
  • Ergonomic design
  • 100% warranty


  • Some say it scratches easily but you can peel off that thin plastic layer and scratches are gone

10. Marvel Avengers Light Up Luggage – best for longer trips

10. Marvel Avengers Light Up LuggageAnother great one that I would buy for myself is the Marvel Avengers Light Up. It is cool enough to make any young superhero fan happy and features all 4 members of the Avengers.

The Marvel Avengers Light Up weights around 1.7 pounds and has a height of 16 inches making it very easy to carry for your kids no matter the age.

Its polyester construction features one big storage compartment, large enough for longer trips and the cool thing about this bag is that it has the ability to light up. How cool is that?


  • Durable materials
  • Easy to roll
  • Lightweight design


  • Doesn’t have additional pockets

Buying Guide and FAQs

Top rated kids luggage FAQ

What you need to know before buying the best luggage for your kids

First of all, before buying anything for your kid think about the utility of the product and if your kid would really like that thing. Because if he or she doesn’t enjoy it, doesn’t matter the quality or the price, you will be unhappy and even more stressed out and you will make a very bad investment in the first place.

Go with your kid’s preferences

So, our advice would be to take a look at your children’s preferences, what he or she likes, favorite cartoons, favorite animals and of course, all this have to be strongly related to your kid’s age.

Comfort comes first

When choosing the best luggage for your children think about how often do you travel and keep in mind that your kid’s comfort comes first. So, the more comfortable and easy to carry the happier your children will be.

Keep in mind that an ergonomically designed suitcase can make a really big difference. Maybe it will be a little expensive than the rest but it will make it easier for your kid to push it, pull it or pick it up. This way your vacations will be less stressful.

Extra benefits

If you have the budget you can go for extra benefits. Additional features that come with a more expensive bag or suitcase can make the difference. They can make small objects, toys or clothes more accessible and your kids can benefit from more space.

Backpacks vs trolleys

Backpacks and trolleys have their own advantages and disadvantages. A backpack is an excellent choice for shorter trips especially when you don’t need to carry around a lot of things for your kids. On the other hand, trolleys are great for vacations or longer trips. A great trolley can make the difference when traveling internationally because they are easy to carry around and your children will also have the space for the favorite toys.

Materials of the luggage

Another thing to consider when choosing the best luggage for your kid is the material used in its construction. At the same time, the suitcase needs to be comfortable and also durable. You should check if the material is waterproof, hardshell, soft, plastic or fabric.


Think twice before buying the one you like and make sure it has a fair warranty so you don’t have to buy a new one every month. A decent warranty ensures that all the problems you may have with your kid’s luggage will be fixed or replaced by the company.


Are children allowed hand luggage when flying?

If children have booked seats and are over two years old they are allowed hand luggage just like adults. If you have an infant and he has its own seat you then are allowed with the cabin bag plus a changing bag.

Do strollers count as checked baggage?

If you’re traveling with children you are allowed with one stroller and one Child Restraint System or CRS, which is in addition to the regular free baggage allowance.

Can I take baby wipes on a plane?

Yes, they are allowed in carry-on baggage or in checked baggage.

Does a lap child get a checked bag?

If you’re traveling internationally you can have one checked bag up to 20 lbs and another checked collapsible stroller, but for lap children traveling for free, you won’t have a baggage allowance.

What is a Trunki case?

Trunki cases are made by the brand called Trunki which is well known for ride-on/carry-on hand luggage for children.

Final words

  • Choose a lightweight backpack and keep in mind that leather backpacks weight more than canvas
  • Choose a backpack with wide padded shoulder straps
  • Try to go for backpacks with a padded back
  • A waist belt will help distribute the weight more evenly across your kid’s body
  • Try to go for backpacks with multiple compartments so the weight will be distributed on its entire body
  • When going for long trips a great option would be to choose a luggage on wheels but make sure it doesn’t weight to much for your children
  • Make sure your kid doesn’t lean forward to carry the backpack
  • It is best if you choose a pack with multiple compartments inside and that has compression straps on the sides

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