Best Places in Tenerife – 21 Amazing Places

Best Places in Tenerife – 21 Amazing Places

Best Places in Tenerife For City Life

City Life Tenerife

Tenerife is known for its serene locations that offer some of the best views and experiences in the world. However, facilities and amenities are important whether you plan to be living or visiting the largest Canary Island. The best option for this is going to be in a well-equipped city. While there aren’t many towns and villages to choose from, we are going to take a look at some of the best choices that Tenerife has to offer when it comes to having the best options for people searching to live a city life.

  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Puerto de la Cruz

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital of the largest Canary Island. It is also well regarded as the only actual “city” on the entire island. While offering the traditional Spanish lifestyle in its streets and bars, it is also easy to find shops that offer every international brand. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is also home to many large shopping malls and other cultural life.

This city is famous for its very well known and historical carnival festivities that take place in February. These are widely to be the most important festivities in the world after Rio de Janeiro. The capital goes completely crazy during one week with its parties in the streets, music groups on every corner and carnival queen contests that lost throughout the day and all night long.

Lined with its narrow and colorful streets, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is filled with testimonials of its rich colonial history. It also is known for its stunning architecture and lavish and lush parks. Being the only bonafide city on the island, this is one of the only places that you’ll be able to find convenient services like food deliveries, close stores, and other city amenities alike.

The nightlife here is also considered to be very intense. Being home to many bars, pubs, and clubs, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is gaining popularity as one of the best places for a bustling nightlife scene.

Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz is the second largest town on the island. It was once the only popular tourist hub on Tenerife. Now, it is mainly only popular among German and UK tourists. While not being regarded as an actual city, it is mainly geared towards guests and tourism, which makes it a viable solution as a city living type of place. This town is mentioned because it has many of the services and features that a big city has while not actually being considered as such. It has access to many beautiful non-tourist beaches as well which makes it perfect for trying to stay private.

There aren’t many options in terms of cities on Tenerife but with the choices that are offered, one can make the most of them and live a very convenient life or have a greatly privileged vacation when exploring the city life of Tenerife. When visiting the big island, make sure that you take advantage of all the great things that the existing city life has in store.

Best Places in Tenerife For Couples

Best places in Tenerife for couples

It can be a bit confusing the first time for couples when visiting the largest of the Canary Islands. With its beautiful and vibrant locations, it can sometimes feel like there are endless places to go in Tenerife. With its soothing warm weather all year round, it is the perfect destination to spend a romantic holiday with a significant other. Here, we are going to go over some of the best places that are sure to set the mood for your loved one and guarantee a fun and unforgettable experience to remember after you leave.

  • Parque García Sanabria
  • Teide National Park
  • Rock Pools at Garachico

Parque García Sanabria

Located at the center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Parque Garcia Sanabria is a gorgeous urban park that features fountains, flowers, abstract sculptures, and the famous floral clock. Parque Garcia Sanabria is also known for its famous sculpture known as Fecundidad which is surrounded by misty fountains and widely regarded to be the most alluring spot in the entire park. You will be able to stroll down winding paths to gazebos in the botanical gardens with graceful parrots swooping overhead, ensuring for an enchanting experience that will not soon be forgotten Orotava

Featured on Tenerife’s northwest coast is La Orotava. La Orotava is a historical town that offers guests insights into Tenerife’s history and past. The town has many attractions such as buildings with elaborate balconies, churches, and monasteries, La Orotava also has some of the best options when it comes to wine tasting. With many delicious restaurants and picturesque gardens, enough time should be set aside to be able to explore all of what La Orotava has to offer.

Teide National Park

Teide National Park is known as being the highest peak in Spain. A walk through this area in Tenerife is a wonderful way to experience all sorts of different kinds of wildlife. Just beneath Mount Teide’s summit, there’s even a cable car that can take you all the way to the top. This national park also offers sunset and stars tours that allow you to take in that perfect moment with your loved one and stay stargazing all through the night.

Rock Pools at Garachico

Garachico is a town that is worth visiting itself but it also is home to beautiful rock pools that have formed over time from lava. These pools are perfect for lounging in because of the trapped ocean water inside that is warmed by the sun all year round While doing this, you are treated with magnificent views of the ocean.

Acting as a former gateway to the New World, the town used to be one of Spain’s main trading ports and is scattered with local restaurants that also allow you to dine while watching the waves splash against the rocks.

Tenerife is loaded with romantic attractions. This should act as a jumpstart to booking your perfect holiday while also knowing the best places to visit while in the area. Be sure to take advantage of everything Tenerife has to offer and create enduring memories while you are there.

Best Places in Tenerife For Luxury Holidays

Best places for luxury holidays

Tenerife is one of the most alluring and most popular destinations in the world today for luxury vacations. However, getting there and knowing where the most luxurious places are can sometimes be a hassle.

Whether you’re interested in meandering through Spanish colonial villages or simply just sea gazing, there are countless options available that allow you to sit back and live a couple of days in the good life in Tenerife. Let’s dive in and explore some of these choices.

  • Iberostar Grand Hotel El Mirador
  • Jardines de Nivaria
  • Bahia del Duque
  • Dream Hotel Gran Tacande
  • Vincci Seleccion La Plantacion del Sur

Iberostar Grand Hotel El Mirador

Built in Moorish Revival style with neo-Roman accents, this adults-only hotel is one of the very top choices when it comes to living luxuriously. It has a spa, a heated pool that overlooks the ocean, and many high-end services. The rooms feature romantic vibes, canopy beds, furnished terraces and walk-in closets. The common areas are filled with elegant archways, columns and fountains that promise for the most extravagant experience.

Jardines de Nivaria

The Jardines de Nivaria is an Art Deco style hotel. Featuring five buildings, two pools, four bars, three restaurants and a great array of amenities, the hotel is grand but the scattered grounds allow for mostly serene and uncrowded spaces. There is a deck on the rooftop with views and loungers and is located directly across the boardwalk from the sandy beach.

Bahia del Duque

This hotel is located in several colonial buildings built amongst hundreds of feet and lush gardens. This is one of the largest hotels in Tenerife. It is conveniently equipped with four large free form pools, eight restaurants, and a gorgeous spa. Every room features a furnished balcony or terrace. The rooms are decorated in a palette of ocean naturals with a touch of beachy wicker.

H10 Gran Tinerfe

This 365 room high rise is a great option for a quiet and easy beachside vacation. This is another adults-only hotel and attracts couples without intruding families and people simply searching to party. It has direct access to the beach, two restaurants, a spa and two large pools. WIFI in this hotel is only available in common areas, not in the rooms. It is within walking distance of many restaurants and beaches which is great for guests who want to explore the area.

Dream Hotel Gran Tacande

Set directly on Playa del Duque and featuring several eateries, vast pools and other on-site amenities, Dream Hotel is great for a relaxing vacation on the beach. The rooms are very spacious and have modern amenities, classic decor and are incredibly spacious. Taking in its relatively large size, this is one of the quieter hotels in the area.

Vincci Seleccion La Plantacion del Sur

This resort features an elegant Canarian colonial style and is stylish with a serene setting above the beachfront. The hotel also comes equipped with four beautiful pools, two great restaurants, a spa that is set in a volcanic cave, and a very well stocked fitness center. This is also one of the cheaper options to consider while still staying in that luxurious range.

Best Places in Tenerife For Windsurfing

Windsurfer on board in Tenerife

Friendly locals, sunny beaches, and one of the best climates make Tenerife a haven for windsurfing. Located in the Atlantic Ocean about 300 kilometers off the coast of Africa, there are many places on the island that makes for the perfect destination to partake in these activities. Here, we are going to take a look at some of the best areas on Tenerife that are best suited for the best experiences when it comes to windsurfing.

  • Almaciga/Benijo
  • La Izquierda, Playa de las Américas
  • La Fitenia, Los Cristianos
  • El Medano Bay
  • El Socorro
  • Igueste de San Andrés, San Andrés


Almaciga and Benijo are located on the most northeastern side of the north shore on Tenerife close to the village of Taganana. Featuring constant surfing spots, these areas are never crowded because of the isolation with its minimum 30-minute drive from any city. The wind and wave conditions make it two of the best places for windsurfing, although it is not the most popular.

La Izquierda, Playa de las Américas

La Izquierda, Playa de las Américas is the most famous surfing spot in all of Tenerife. Offering some of the best left-handed waves in Europe, The Spanish Left as it is also known as offers up intense and fast-breaking rides. Although it does get fairly crowded, it proves to be one of the best places in the world when it comes to windsurfing or any surfing activity of the like.

La Fitenia, Los Cristianos

La Fitenia, Los Cristianos is another great place for windsurfing. This location provides a more gentle experience with slower waves and thinner crowds. While it sees some decent left-handed waves, the exposed reef break is especially suitable for intermediate right-hand surfers. It is best during spring and summer but the characteristics of the waves and wind promise for constant surf all year round.

El Medano Bay

El Medano Bay provides for some of the best windsurfing in Tenerife. With up to 25 knots of wind, it is perfect for taking advantage of the perfect waves found in this area. There are several different windsurfing shops and schools on El Medano Bay which provides the convenience to everyone from the novice all the way up to the expert windsurfer. Public showers, coast guard, and nearly no rocks, this place is very safe and secure.

El Socorro

An alternative to El Medano if the wind is too northern, El Socorro is famous for being consistent and allowing you to sail without having to leave the village. Very gusty winds allow you to take advantage of the clean waves that are seen in this areas, allowing for a sometimes intense experience. However, discretion should be paid to the rocks that surround the beach shore.

Igueste de San Andrés, San Andrés

A conveniently secluded beach on the northeastern coast of Tenerife, this spot stands out for its perfect waves individual sections, and consistent wind. This allows surfers of all abilities the chance to join in on the fun. At high tide, the best time for the conditions to be the most desirable is between September and May. This area can be accessed through the beach of Las Teresitas.

Best Places in Tenerife For Hiking

Best places in Tenerife for hiking

While Tenerife has long been one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, over the years more people have come to realize a great feature that the largest Canary Island has to offer its guests. People have begun to take advantage of its mountains and goat trails for many hiking expeditions and activities.

Tenerife has been proven to be the home of some of the best hiking experiences known to mankind. Here, we are going to take a look at some of the best and most popular places to go in Tenerife when you are looking to take those hiking boots out and explore some of the most serene scenery in all of the world.

  • Teide National Park
  • Valley of La Orotava
  • Teno Mountains
  • Anaga Mountains
  • Tenerife Coasts

Teide National Park

Teide National Park is widely considered to be one of the most unusual places on the planet. While the area around the cable car and Tenerife’s Parador is filled with traffic all day, off the beaten path on a trail that dissects the enormous crater you will find violent and rugged terrain that usually ensures that you will be rather alone. Many of the paths are easy to take on while Mount Teide serves as a great challenge to seasoned climbers.

Valley of La Orotava

This valley is above Puerta de la Cruz and is usually considered to be the most accessible. The lower half of the valley has lost most of its vigor to development such as bars and houses. But as you ascend to the island’s spine, the houses thin out until it is replaced by natural wooded areas. You can follow paths that cross the southern coast or follow a pilgrims’ trail to the Candelaria to the east coast.

Teno Mountains

The postcard setting of the Teno Mountains exposes hikers to a taste of what Tenerife was like before the explosion of mass tourism and the scene was changed forever. This is one of the places where you can still buy goats’ cheese that is flavored by wild herbs. Unlike many other areas, these mountains haven’t been subjected to the mass population of its trails just yet.

Anaga Mountains

This is one of the oldest areas in Tenerife and is another place that has not yet been overrun by tourists. Ancient forest covered ravines that are very deep and steep make hiking here very exhilarating and relatively challenging for most. Small communities in this area remain essentially separated from modern life where farmers still tend to crops for the majority by hand. Some people live in caves or in small areas that are only accessible only by foot or boat.

Tenerife Coasts

Some of the best hiking destinations in Tenerife can actually be found along the linked coastal communities that are located on Tenerife’s northern coast. The mix of changing landscapes, exposure to a rural existence and snapshots of history that are left majorly unchanged are what make walking in these areas such a rewarding and unique experience. Cobbled paths old forts and villages set on the coast are sure to make any hiking experience through this terrain a truly unforgettable one.

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